The Ilocano Script in the Doctrina Cristiana

One of the few examples of the pre-Hispanic Ilocano script surviving today is that written by Father Belarmino in 1621 in the Ilocano translation of the Doctrina Cristiana (Christian Doctrine), shown below and transliterated into Ilocano and English. In the case of spelling or grammatical errors, correct forms are given in parenthesis.

Line by line Translation:

Line 1: Iti insulat (insurat) di- [What is written h-]

Line 2: toy // iti dutlina (doktrina) kidistiana (kristiana) // [here in the Christian doctrine].

Line 3: nga isu ti lualo a kuna ti [which is the prayer as said by the]

Line 4: Samtoy. [Ilocano (from saomi 'toy: 'this is our language')]

Line 5: O Apomi Dios // isalakannakam ka- [Oh, God our lord, Save us from]

Line 6: dagiti kabusolmi (kabusormi) // iti tandaan [our enemies // by the sign of]

Line 7: ti santa kudus (krus) // iti nagan ti ama // [of the holy cross // in the name of the father]

Line 8: ken anak // ken ispiditu (ispiritu) santo [of the son and of the holy ghost]

Line 9: Amen, Sisus (Hesus) [Amen Jesus]

Line 10: // Amami // [Our Father]

Line 11: Amami a (nga) addaka't sadi langita (langit) // [Our father that you are in heaven]

Line 12: Pasantipikalmo (pasantipikarmo) ti nagammo (naganmo) // [sanctify your name]

Line 13: padtengmo (ipagtengmo) kadakam ti paghadiam (pagarian) // [take us to your kingdom]

Line 14: // Paannugummo (paannugotmo) ti nakemmo // ditoy [thy will be done // here]

Line 15: daga kas sadi langit // itdem kadaka- [on earth as in heaven // give u-]

Line 16: m // iti aldao (aldaw) itoy ti kanemmi (kanenmi) [us this day our food]

Line 17: a patinayon a (nga) aldao (aldaw) // paavani (pakawanen- [of all days // forgi-(ve)]

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