1. Tagalog Lexicography. Updating the Tagalog-English/English-Tagalog dictionary shown above from modern corpora of the Tagalog (Filipino) language. The book is currently in its third edition and will soon be augmented. If you are interested in helping with the editing, proofing, and/or text collection, please write.

2. Tausug Text Collection. Collecting materials and texts (folklore and news) in the Tausug language, the lingua franca of the Sulu Archipelago for analysis and pedagogy. If you are a speaker of Tausug, please write.

3. Pangasinan Dictionary Project. We currently have a Pangasinan electronic dictionary which can interlinearize a Pangasinan text into English. It is being updated with materials collected in 1987-1990 and from an old Pangasinan-Spanish dictionary compiled by friars in ?? and augmented in 1865. We would like to make it available to the public in the form of an easy to use dictionary. Here's the text of the cover page for those of you interested: Diccionario Pangasinan-Español compuesto por el M. R. P. Fa. Lorenzo Fernandez Cosgaya del Sagrado Orden de Predicadores, ministro que fué de esta provincia de Pangasinan. Aumentado, ordenado y reformado por el M. R. P. Vicario Provincial y Foráneo Fr. Pedro Vilanova de la misma Orden, Vicario y Cura Párroco de Binmaley. Can las Licencias Necesarias. Manila: 1865 (Establecimiento Tipográfico del Colegio de Santo Tomás a cargo de D. Babil Saló. The Pangasinan-Spanish section is 330 pages, old orthography used throughout.

If you are Pangasinan, or are interested in helping to translate archaic Spanish (and some Latin) to Pangasinan, please write.

4. Archiving materials in Philippine minority languages from the library of R. David Zorc. If you are interested in keyboarding parts of the archive for public use, please write. The available materials are currently both hand written and typed. (Sorry, no audio data).

Interested in sponsoring a project? We are in need funds to cover publication costs and materials, xeroxing, research travel, books, and even postage. Contact us to help out financially. (Sponsors are acknowledged in the publications).