Picture Page

Recent Photo Albums (2000-present)

 Rafael Donato (Rafi) our son born 5/5/05.

 Our wedding, Four Seasons, Santa Barbara, California and Presidio Chapel.

 Buster Brown, our corgi and the photos of the strange wildlife in our backyard.

 Malta and Hawaii photos.

 Portugal photos.

Old Single Pictures (the nineties)

Grace and Carl in Paseo Nuevo Mall, Santa Barbara. Shopping with very nice views and not too far from the beach.

 A family picture in Woodlands, Texas. My brother Paul is not in this picture.

 A family picture in Santa Barbara, California. They came to visit me for July 4 for the beach party.

 Carl's PhD Graduation picture, June 1997, UCSB. I didn't go to my graduation, but borrowed the costume from Art.

 Carl and Grace in a small uninhabited island in the Great Barrier Reef. It took 3 (or 4?) hours by sailboat to get here.

 My trip to Tioman Island, Malaysia, July 1998 (where they filmed 'South Pacific'). I gave a linguistic talk on the mainland, then spent a week relaxing and snorkeling with the komodo dragons.

 Earl's 16th Birthday party in Houston, Texas. Pictured are Earl, my mother, Alan, Blueberry, Grace and me.

 A picture in Baguio, Philippines with my cousin Edwin and his wife Jane.

Alan and Earl at the Santa Barbara Mission. Many people believe this mission to be haunted.

 My brothers at Hendry's Beach (Arroyo Burro), Santa Barbara, and beside the river at the same beach. Too cold and cloudy to swim.

 Blueberry in the Texas frost. Blueberry has moved from London to California, then to Texas, then back to California, then back to Texas (Houston) then to A&M University. She is the only member of the Rubino family that is a subject of the Queen.

 RSPAS Farewell tea for Christine Jourdan and Kevin Tuite at the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. Pictured from left to right are Lea Brown, Geoff Haig, Alec Coupe, Meredith Osmond (kneeling), Andy Pawley, Angela Terrill, Christine Jourdan, Jeff Marck, Kazuko Obata, Kevin Tuite, and Carl Rubino.

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